Volvo BG Rd - BIAL Timing

Please find below, the timings of BMTC's Volvo Vayu Vajra services from Gottigere to Bengaluru International Airport. Please make the most of these services and spread the awareness of its reintroduction. Successful operation of this route will help us to avail optimal services for other critical routes & timings as well resulting in better connectivity with other parts of the city. This will in turn substantially reduce the number of private vehicles on BG road, if we all work together in promoting the regular use of BMTC buses in our respective housing communities.

BIAS 5A/1 Gottigere to BIAL - 6 Departures, start time: 05:40hrs, 07:45hrs, 10:50hrs, 16:15hrs, 17:45hrs & 21:10hrs

BIAS 5A/2 BIAL to Gottigere - 5 Departures, start time: 05:30hrs, 08:10hrs, 10:30hrs, 18:55hrs & 20:25hrs

Route: BG Road - Diary Circle – MICO (back gate) - Johnson Market - Museum Road - St Marks Road- Mahatma Gandhi Statue - Basaveshwara Circle - Golf course - Mekhri Circle - Hebbal – Airport

Here's wishing you a pleasant trip whenever you use these services!

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